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Seeing the Forest for the Trees

AI is the new lumber

Once groundbreaking and out of reach for many, AI has, quite rapidly, become as readily available as a stack of 2x4s in your local hardware store

Software founders and developers are now in a unique position

Seemingly overnight, we can craft an endless range of applications and features that enable users to tap into the infinite interactions that AI offers

This should be awe-inspiring... but it's not

Lumber by itself is plain and mundane, and AI often falls into this same trap

No one is inspired by the average — so why is AI so interesting?

Let's dive deeper into the wood analogy...

Picture a trusty axe, tirelessly chopping away at a log

Over time, the axe becomes dull, unless honed against a harder substance

AI is similar

If we look to it for straightforward answers, we risk becoming dull in our understanding

But if we use AI to lay down a basic framework, we can chisel out the intricacies

AI erects the scaffolding, and we wield the tools that bring it to life

Without exhausting our energy making the rough cuts

Enter Atlas

It's a tool that lets groups interact with AI collectively, taking advantage of one another's skills, insights, and unique perspectives

We are each dull in different ways, and Atlas helps us sharpen one another

A collaborative sharpening stone!

As you begin to see AI lumber permeate more of our software applications, think about how two axes are better than one

And, if you're interested in trying out Atlas for yourself, click the following link to begin using the Atlas Telegram bot today

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