Behind the Scenes with CC0 Studio's Debut Content

Recreating a 2D style in 3D begins with designing the right shader. The goal? Achieve shadows with a flat color rather than a gradient, and a hard edge where light meets shadow. This represents a soft transition from what is usually seen in 3D.

A priority for @3D_PrintGuy was getting the look of the central figure, the cow, just right. Using a standard model as a base, he worked top-down, emulating Grant Yun's distinctive spots to maintain the reference point. The result is something that feels immediately recognizable.

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The geometric hard-edge style present in many of Grant Yun's shapes was also an important detail of note. While some spots on the cow feature a rounded aesthetic, incorporating stark, defined edges was a way to stay true to Yun's artistic style and a good use of texture for the cow.

Lighting in this flat 2D style is straightforward. A single directional light suffices to highlight and cast stark, contrasting shadows, enhancing the geometric edges and shapes.

Drawing inspiration from Grant's rural scenes, often filled with basic shapes paired with vibrant colors, 3DPG replicated this sentiment by using spheres and cones for trees, and long flat polygon strips across a large flattened sphere to replicate fields on a hill.

With the application of the 2D flat shader and directional lighting, the 3D scene comes alive. Paying homage to the original, while striking a balance between 2D charm and 3D depth The result is an ideal environment for this upcoming @CC0_Studios release.

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