Citizen Applications Have Closed

What Comes Next in The Rise of Blus?

In our previous articles, we introduced the Casting Call for The Rise of Blus: A Nouns Movie and discussed the Creative Commons Zero (CC0). Now we're excited to share that the Casting Call has drawn to a close with two major partnerships and hundreds of citizen applications submitted. Read on to find out what happens next and when to expect to see who was selected.

Initial data suggests that Nouns, Chimpers, Huxley and the Broadside communities made the most of the opportunity to participate. Now that we have received all of the submissions, the team will begin the deliberation process over the next few weeks.

Next Steps: Selection and Production

The next phase of the Casting Call begins with a deep-dive into the diverse range of submissions by our creative team. We plan to announce the first group of citizens in mid to late August. These announcements will be the first of many throughout as we plan to unveil the newest citizens of Blus throughout production of episode two.

Beyond this Casting Call, we see many more opportunities for community participation. We're already brainstorming innovative ways to further immerse and engage our community in future casting experiences while celebrating those that have had a chance to make their debut. If you feel like you or your community may have missed an opportunity, start planning and collaborating now so you are prepared for The Rise of Blus: A Nouns Movie Episode 3 later this year.

The release of The Rise of Blus: A Nouns Movie Episode 2 is slated for October. Stay tuned for further updates by following @nounsmovie on Twitter.

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