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Avie No. 5

Avie No. 5

Frames are probably less efficient than just posting a jpg in Warpcast, but I'm trying to build a following through publishing on When I share a link, Paragraph creates the frame, includes inline and offline options, along with one-click Subscriptions. Subscriptions let me know who is a fan, who is a collector, and eventually who gets free drops and other perks of being an Avie subscriber.

Really excited to share what I knew about Warpcast with XCOPY this morning in his Discord. Looks like he signed up today. It's still so early, but wallet-based social is inevitable. Twitter is about to lose a very large segment of its audience and will have to adopt wallet-based transactions or it is toast. Might be toast anyway.

BTW, Supercast is still getting its feet under it, but it crops Avie the way it was intended. If you access Farcast through it, you might get a better experience than Warpcast (eventually). Everything is so new and exciting right now.

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