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Avie the AV No. 108

Avie No. 108

Hello Frens! Hope you are enjoying Avie the AV and thank you for being a subscriber.

Please note that I have just created an Avie ERC-20 token (AVIE coins!) and have plans to distribute them to strip holders, subscribers, various channels on Warpcast and the general public as well. Stay tuned for swapping on Uniswap and hopefully visibility on DexScreener and CoinGecko among all the other popular tokens you collect, trade, swap and watch.

I created exactly 3,652,000,000 AVIE coins, a number corresponding to exactly 1M AVIEs for each strip I intend to publish for 3652 straight days (exactly 10 years). Today we are up to No. 108. Each strip is a 1 of 1, minted by me on a Manifold contract, and it should be sufficient for continued minting so long as Manifold and the Base chain continues to exist.

The long term goal for the comic strip is syndication, merch, television, and who knows what else the future may bring. All I know is that I have not been impressed by the meme tokens offered thus far on the Base or Degen chains. Their owners are often out for a quick hit and run away with your money. However, I am impressed by the way Jacek decided to run DEGEN, to build on it, to make a degen chain, to lock up his own compensation schedule (for trust and compliance) and mostly to just be transparent with everyone about it. There are two things I can offer everyone: trust that I'm not going to rug AVIE, that I will lock up my own small percentage of the issuance on a vesting schedule, and that I intend to keep putting out an Avie the AV comic strip every day for ten years.

I am doxed, and an attorney--but that doesn't mean I know what I'm doing with crypto, coins, compliance, or securities laws! I am not your attorney, this is not legal or financial advice. I just mean that I am a person of good intent and character; there are rules, and there are consequences to malfeasance, and I am desirous of compliance both because I must and because I want to. Once we get a liquidity pool and price established, I will happily accept a certain number of AVIEs for purchase of strips or merchandise, etc. Let there be at least one place where the coins can be spent and have value.

The rest--the meme part, and the valuation part--is up to all of us. I want Avie fans to benefit from being early, from holding AVIE coins, from collecting AVIE art and merchandise. So we'll have some fun, spread the AVIE coins around widely, and let the market decide to take us where no comic venture has ever gone before. Huzzah!


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