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Avie Airdrop!!

Avie the Avie subscriber check-in ASAP please!

Hello subscribers! Your decision to click "Subscribe" is about to pay off--literally.

I took a snapshot of all Subscribers this morning. Some of you subscribed with email, and some by anon wallet. Some with both! I would like to share my Warpcast $DEGEN tip allocation with you Friday, Saturday and Sunday (almost 30,000 Degen!!!), so please publicly Reply to today's Avie cast (No. 72) or reach out to me by DM (Direct Cast) if you wish to remain anon. However, I can only tip publicly by Replying to any of your casts or replies. If you respond to me on Sunday I obviously can't go back to Friday or Saturday--tips expire daily. If you aren't on Warpcast yet, you still have time to sign up, connect to and your Farcaster ID so you can receive this gift.

Please provide me the email or wallet you subscribed with so I can confirm your Avie subscription. I will divide my allocation by the number of subscribers who respond.

I also still have the First 15 NFT to distribute to you first 15 subscribers from that earlier snapshot. If you reach out, I will confirm if you are among the 1st 15 and I will transfer the NFT to the wallet of your choice.

We are so early--even those who haven't subscribed yet! All Paragraph Avie comics are 1 of 1, and have been repriced from .01 eth to .05 eth. The 72 here are the OG set and always will be. No promises if you own one, but there were no promises of free money when you subscribed either, but here we are! 😉

Keep subscribing here to read and receive daily Avies. Please cast, share, and let others know about Avie. As I explore wider readership and collectible sales, the next bunch will be mintable on Zora. In the future, perhaps there will be paid subscriptions on Hypersub. For now, all my thanks for subscribing, following, and buying Avies.

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