A community-owned protocol for work?

Plus opportunities to help Zakku from Coordinape prepare for a speaking gig, Jason Novack from Soundoff hire a community growth lead, Agalia tan build a metalabel, and more

Spoiler alert, there have been some very cool opportunities posted in Backdrop recently. 

But before I get to those, I want to take a moment to share some thoughts on what we’re actually trying to do here, and why we think it matters. We’d love your feedback on whether it resonates. And if you’ve been here for a while you know we also care a LOT about community ownership — we know we can’t do this without you — and we’re excited to share a bit more of our thoughts and plans in that direction soon.

You can find that and a few other notes in this Notion space, including some examples of the kinds of applications we might imagine being built on top of such a protocol, and a few roles we’re hiring. If you have any questions we can answer via a note, let us know and we’ll add it. 

On to the good stuff…

  • Zakku (co-founder @ Coordinape) is speaking to the biggest conference of HR professionals and wondering what they should be watching and learning from in web3? View post

  • Jason Novack (founder @ Soundoff) is looking for a community growth lead. I’d recommend testing out the demo if you’re interested in more human social apps. View post 

  • Agalia Tan is creating a metalabel for virtual creators in Singapore, and looking for advice including how to balance creating emotional bonds with economic value View post

  • Riley Blackwell (founder @ Together) is looking for a lead artist, someone that cares about the future of EdTech for community professionals View post 

  • Matthew Watman is wondering how you deal with imposter syndrome, especially working in web3 — a question I’m sure many of us grapple with daily. View post

To see all of the posts, head to backdrop.so/posts. We’re here to help you create one anytime! 

A few of our recent product updates

  • There’s a new section on your profile for “interests.” Adding those interests helps us connect you with relevant opportunities, allows others to find you via search, and will power a new experiment we have coming soon.

  • You can now add your location to your profile as well. Same as the above, this helps people find you and will also enable us to route a few more IRL opportunities soon.

If you made it this far, we should be friends if we aren’t yet.

- Joey 

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