Builder Weeks are a vibe

Backdroppers don’t let Backdroppers ship alone, plus check out Privy and Arkrunr at Demo Day tomorrow

Happy summer everyone. People talk a lot about strategy, focus, and timing — and of course those are important. But time and again we see that repeatedly and consistently taking the plunge of shipping your ideas to real people is what makes the difference.

Everyone reading this newsletter is crazy, on some level, for doing what you’re trying to do. But we’re here for it, and to remind you that repeatedly trying to do crazy things is much more fun — and efficient — when done with others. More on that soon, but for now…

Builder Weeks

We’re almost wrapped up week #2 of Builder Weeks — a brief, cozy, and high energy space we’re creating to help builders share their dreams and progress, ship together, and get the feedback they need to keep iterating. Look for the drop of everyone’s walkthrough videos soon! We’ve been super inspired by what everyone is building, and the avalanche of feedback that’s been flowing. 


We’d love to have you or someone you know in an upcoming week. We still have a few slots for next week’s group that kicks off on wednesday and for a few weeks after that. See here for more info. Other than a 30 minute kickoff it’s totally async and on your own schedule. We’re planning to continue iterating and run at least a few more before the end of the summer. 

Join us for demo day tomorrow

Tomorrow’s demo day is going to be great. ​Lucas is showcasing Arkrunr, the future of virtual performance production. And ​Noel is demoing Privy, a library of tools for easy web2 to web3 onboarding. RSVP here, because summer Fridays are for getting inspired anyways.

As always we feel incredibly fortunate to be able to work with all of you as we continue to iterate to make Backdrop into what we believe it can be. 


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