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Teams launch, dreams of AI*OWG, what products would you like to see in a demo, and other recent highlights from the network.

Last week was a brief break from my weekly digest, mostly just because I got distracted dreaming up all of the things that AI-assisted developers are going to build on this open graph we’re creating together: email clients that turn cold intros into warm intros via mutual connections, mobile apps built solely for connecting people that are attending the same conference event, personal CRMs — the list goes on and we truly can’t wait.

On that note, we took a big step towards the Open Work Graph this week…

Introducing Teams

Work is multiplayer, and we’ve already seen a lot of opportunities flow to and between teams on Backdrop. Launching Teams is a step to make that even better — to help teams better share what they’re building, and to find new collaborators and partners. And of course, we see that data as a valuable piece of what other developers will want to build on top of in the OWG to create even more opportunities for teams building awesome stuff. 

In this early phase we’re working closely with and learning from 10 of the top teams in crypto that have been active on Backdrop and contributed to our journey so far: Coordinape, Seed Club, Paragraph, Bello, RADAR, QUESTS, Upside Coop, Seed Club Ventures, CollabWORK, and Avenue. We already shared in the launch post a connection starter for every team — all 10 of these teams are actively looking to connect with other builders in the network! If you want your team on Backdrop in one of the next cohorts, message us or apply via creating a team. 

What products would love to see live?

One of the things we’ve noticed is that there are so many interesting, inspiring products being built but most builders struggle to keep up with them and all of their capabilities. That’s a missed opportunity in getting inspired, but also in finding potential integrations/partners and to get those builders the feedback they need.

We’re going to be rolling out an experiment we’re pretty excited about around that next week, and I’d love to know what products you wish you could see demoed by someone who can show off all they can do. Message me or reply to this post, and feel free to mention your own products if you think others would benefit from seeing them in action! 

Other highlights from last week

  • If you’re in New York right now, we upped your invites in case you meet anyone that should be part of the network. I’d also recommend taking Josh (product @ Seed Club) up on his offer for coffee — they’ve got some cool things in the works for consumer crypto. See all of our NFT NYC resources here.

  • You can now add images in DMs!

If you made it to this point, and you haven’t found an interesting opportunity or connection from Backdrop recently, DM me with what would be most helpful for you right now and I’m confident we can make it happen!


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