Explore Building with Convex for Backdrop Build v5

Convex's Startup Program for Innovative Backdrop Build v5 Projects

Convex is a backend application platform that empowers web developers to build fast, reliable, and dynamic apps without complex backend engineering or database administration. Its ease of use makes it a common tech among builders in our programs, and was used by five of our finalist projects in Build's v4 program.

Needless to say, we are excited to extend our partnership with Convex by introducing Convex’s startup program to builders joining Backdrop Build v5. All finalist builds using Convex will be eligible to join this exclusive program. Founders and their teams will gain access to additional free Convex resources, invitations to insightful talks and focused programming, a dedicated program Discord, and enhanced support from the Convex developer relations team.

Here are a few ways you could get started with Convex: 

AI Chat Applications

  • Use Convex to build AI-driven chat applications that offer real-time messaging and advanced conversational abilities. Bring your favorite APIs from OpenAI, Replicate, Pinecone and others through Convex actions & jobs.

    See what you can build with Convex

Productivity and Collaboration Tools 

  • Develop versatile productivity and collaboration tools that enable users to organize their tasks, notes, and projects or collaborate on visual boards and diagrams using Convex as a realtime database, its always up-to-date queries, and reactive UI.

Web and SaaS Applications 

  • By utilizing Convex’s real-time data handling, automatic reactivity, and powerful integration capabilities, you can build scalable, efficient, and responsive web and SaaS applications that can handle growth and complexity with ease.

Ready to build something awesome? Build v5 kicks off on July 8th. All finalist builds using Convex will be eligible to join their startup program. Apply here to build on Convex.

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