Glowby's Milestone Achievements: 10k Users, Strategic Partnership, and First Revenue

We’re always thrilled to learn about Build projects hitting milestones that are meaningful to them — joining accelerators, raising money, generating revenue, or just scratching an itch for the builder. That’s why we were especially excited to learn about Glowby hitting basically all of those at once. 

Glowby founder, Jacob Ilin, wants to help more people build new products without knowing how to code. Glowby leverages the advances in generative models to allow people to turn simple sketches into fully functional products and export the code to a variety of different code languages that work across platforms like Android, iOS, Flutter and others. 

Glowby launched in Build v3 and has since crossed 10k users, partnered with a strategic investor, and started collecting revenue for the first time. And while we can’t take credit for any of that, we love to hear how Build helped Jacob,

“Setting the deadline helped me focus. Updates kept me on track. Launching on X together was super fun.”

Taking advantage of Build's structure, Jacob returned for v4 where he launched Glowby 2.0 where he made further advances on accessibility and capabilities for Glowby.

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