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A new experiment to support founders in frontier spaces

Building something in a frontier space like crypto, AI, biotech, etc is … a bit crazy. The ground is moving quickly underneath your feet, and every month feels like an entirely different frame to build within. We’ve seen firsthand that founders in frontier space have an especially acute need for support from their network – from warm intros, to gut checks, to just feeling less alone. So we’re experimenting with something new that makes connecting with those you trust easier, less transactional, and less awkward…

If this resonates with you as a founder, reply to this email with your answers to one or multiple of these questions we’re exploring & we’ll invite you to beta test with us as we iterate on this:

  • When you need a referral, intro, or a gut check from your network, what do you do?

  • What is the most painful part of getting help from the network of people you trust?

  • If you had a magic genie that could give you any information about your network, what would you ask?

If you have founder friends who would be open to testing with us, feel free to pass this along to them or intro us. 

Demo day is GMI

Speaking of bold, ambitious products in frontier space, last week’s demo day was another strong cup of inspiration. We posted the full recording here and I’ll share a few curated clips below. But first, sign up for next week's Demo Day — Friday at 10am PST! We'll be jamming on ​Interface, a social app for wallet activity, and VioletVerse, decentralized CMS for readers & writers.

Sublayer — an AI tool to help you build great products

This is the kind of AI tool that I’ve personally been curious to see in action — one that is built specifically as a coding copilot and helps you whip up new apps in a fraction of the time.

Avenue — a better tool for tracking contributions to DAOs

I don’t think I’m giving away too much alpha when I say that the real insight here is that a huge amount of the workforce is already contributing to multiple organizations. DAOs are the wedge into the future of work. 

If you want to present at an upcoming demo day, fill out this form.

Other network highlights

  • Shoutout to Obvious for shipping an awesome new wallet that tackles a few key UX challenges. 

  • We’re still helping teams apply to the new Seed Club accelerator — reach out or reply to Jess’ post if you need support. 

If you have anything else you’d like me to spotlight in an upcoming newsletter, or if we can support you in what you’re building otherwise, reply to this email or DM me. 


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