How authenticity leads to serendipity

Helping transformative connections happen, highlighting open opportunities, and some cool new product updates

Innovation often happens via what some people call “far analogies” — when a new idea or technique is borrowed from one place and brought to another. It has been amazing to witness some of these transformative connections happen via Backdrop already, but how can we increase the pace?

I recently wrote about how authenticity can create serendipity within a network. Shilling and certainty has its place, but exposing what you don’t know or where your mind is wandering is often more effective at facilitating unexpected connections. 

So this week, I’d encourage you to post a question you’re grappling with, inspiration you’re hoping to find, or a rabbit hole you fell down recently. And look out for a big update coming soon to further engineer serendipity between all of us.

Open opportunities in the network

Product updates

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