Introducing Backdrop Demo (Fri)day(s)

Guided explorations of the coolest products in crypto, from the builders behind them

Crypto is a cozy space these days — we all have a pretty good sense of the products that are pushing the envelope. But despite that, few people can actually picture how those products work, how they feel, and how we might use or partner with them. 

It’s not for lack of desire. Builders love exploring new products as a way to stay sharp, hone their craft, and keep up to date with how things are evolving. But products are often in private beta, or it takes a lot of time and data to get to the point where you can properly experience the magic moments. It’s a big missed opportunity because on the other hand builders of course want feedback and smart beta testers, and forging new connections over a shared love of the craft is often much more fun and easy than other routes.

So I’m really excited to launch Backdrop Demo (Fri)day(s), an experiment at bringing builders together over casual explorations of the products we spend so much time creating. Think of Demo Fridays as an invitation to the coolest living room in crypto, where you can eavesdrop on a table of awesome builders as they showcase and discuss each other's products, and then pull up a chair to that table yourself.


This week from 10-10:30 PST we’ll have three builders and products I’m personally super excited to see in action, and who are all working with us as part of our recent Teams launch:

  • Richie Bonilla demoing the newly launched QUESTS, where they’re helping people create a professional landing page that showcases your best projects—verified by your peers.

  • Zakku demoing Coordinape and some of the new things they’re building recently to help teams capture collective wisdom and coordinate around the work of the future.

  • Tyler Morrey demoing the brand new Upside Coop platform, where they’re helping teams compliantly share upside with their communities. 

Check out the post on Backdrop to RSVP for this week’s session and read about getting involved in a future one.

- Joey

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