Introducing the Backdrop Podcast

Jesse Pollak and Conner Ruhl on the importance open tech in crypto and AI

Building at the frontier is hard, fast paced, and sometimes lonely. But it’s also just about as close as you can get to magic. That’s why we’re pumped to launch the Backdrop podcast — another way we hope to help builders conjure up amazing products at the frontier. 

The first 4 episodes were recorded live as part of 100 Builders and in episode 1 I sat down with Jesse Pollak, the creator of Base, and Conner Ruhl, a senior engineer at Stability AI for an awesome convo about why open tech matters in crypto and AI. Some of my highlights include:

  • Why small matters in open tech

  • Why now is the time to obsess over iteration cycles

  • Decreasing the distance from idea to product

Give it a listen and let us know what you think. Better yet subscribe since we’ll have 3 more episodes dropping soon with an all star lineup of builders including Joseph Jacks, Miguel Piedrafita, Jess Sloss, Steven Tey, and Patrick Rivera.

Cheers to all the grant winners from 100 Builders

While we wish we could give grants to more of you (more to announce on that soon), we’re pumped to announce a bunch of projects that got grants as part of 100 Builders. Check out the projects that got Builder Energy and Onchain Summer grants and the projects that won Base grants


-Joey and the Backdrop crew

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