Invest in your friends building open tech

Plus Sismo joins the roster of partners for 100 Builders

If you’re interested in building at the growing frontier of open tech in crypto or AI — even if you only have a few hours on nights and weeks to work on it — you should apply to 100.Builders. We can even help you find a project to work on with someone else. Or see here or here for some pre-validated ideas.

But that’s not the only way to win the $40K and counting in prizes. If you refer someone that goes on to win a prize, we’ll give you 10% of their winnings. Just head to to generate your custom link.

Welcome, Sismo

Speaking of prizes, we’re excited to announce Sismo is joining our awesome roster of partners. Sismo has been having a pretty hot summer helping developers leverage zero knowledge to build apps that weren’t previously possible. Their team will be joining us throughout the program and working hands on with people, so if you’re curious about ZK now’s your chance.

We’ll announce the specific prizes soon, along with a few more partners I’m super excited about. And as always, if there are ways we can work together on this — reach out!


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