Last day to apply to 100 Builders (for non-Backdrop members)

Putting our full focus on builder energy

The past weeks have been a wild ride. We welcomed Base and Stability AI as sponsors for 100 Builders. We had hundreds of incredible projects apply. As always, we’re just so stoked to continue exploring how to best support builders like you all.

Extended deadline for existing Backdrop members

The deadline to apply is today. And if you’re up for it, we’d love help amplifying that message to reach any builders we aren’t connected to yet that care about building open tech at the frontier.

But we really want as many existing Backdrop members to apply as possible. So we’re extending the deadline for you all to August 17th. Ping me here or via Twitter if you need some convincing.

Here's To More Builder Energy

From today onwards we will focus all resources on creating and promoting more builder energy through 100 Builders and a lot more to come. This is old news to most of you that we’ve spoken with, but the old Backdrop product is now officially turned off as we focus on that future. We’re stoked as always to continue to work to support you and what you’re building, and to push the frontier forward, together.


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