Launching an experiment in the next few weeks?

Plus founder roundtable recap, RSVP to demo day, and a bunch of other opportunities for builders from our network.

Backdrop is buzzing in the bear market, and that’s thanks to all of you that continue to ship bold new things at the frontier. On that note, I’ve noticed a ton of builders are in a pretty creative and fast experimentation phase right now. I’m noodling on an idea for how we might help build some shared resources and momentum across those experiments. If that sounds like you, let me know here.

Come together, right now, over me building the future

We had an awesome roundtable conversation with 20+ founders today, mostly from our community, about how they get support from others for what they’re building. Kiana summarized the insights here for anyone that couldn’t make it. Our big takeaway — we are going to do more of those, and continue to refine the format. If you have an idea for an event, let us know!

Friday we have another demo day with Ambire Wallet and GasHawk! Both awesome products that I’m personally pretty excited to see demoed live. RSVP here and if you have something you’d like to demo in a future event, fill out the form.

Other opportunities from the network

Lots of interesting opportunities for builders from the network this week. As always if you want to include something of yours for next week, just send it to me or drop it in this post.

  • Drew (CEO @ just shipped their Automation Builder, marketing automation for web3 that triggers personalized messages based on onchain or Discord data. They’re looking for a few community managers/growth leaders who want early access.

  • Paff (founder @ Take Up Space) have opened a call for submissions to their inaugural Zine 'Technology of Togetherness', exploring the crossroads between technology, community and culture. If you're a writer, poet or artist - submit your pitch!

  • Ting @ VentureX is interviewing early-stage founders in web3 and telling their stories, to get to know the people behind the projects. If you or someone you know has a story to tell, DM Ting!

  • As you may have seen, Jon and the Cabin team launched their network city and are hiring a lead engineer

If you made it this far, let’s get a coffee sometime. Or shill me your favorite cookbook.


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