Launching our ETHDenver experiment!

Cash, a contest, and a new feature. Plus some cool opportunities recently added to Backdrop

Gm builders! 

Before I get into the weekly highlight of opportunities in Backdrop, I first want to announce that — as promised — we’re going to try something a bit different in order to help opportunities flow at Eth Denver. 

Coordinating with others to get the full value out of conferences is hard. The best opportunities happen at cozy dinners or low-key hangs, rather than big parties and events that everyone knows about. And while there’s a lot of desire to create plans and meetups in advance, those often just end up in Telegram chats with too many people or Twitter posts with lots of “drop your handle” and not a lot of action. 

So here’s the plan — post on Backdrop what you’re hoping to jam on at Eth Denver, or a lightweight opportunity you see to bring some builders together. Tag “ETHDenver 2023 Attendee” and if you need a bit of cash to help you run that opportunity, submit the post to JokeDAO and you all can vote on where we give $1500.

For details on how to participate, see this post. We also created a page where you can see all of these Eth Denver opportunities in Backdrop. 

Meanwhile on Backdrop…

  • Sina (founder @ Zeitgeist) is looking for builders to participate in their new Spark accelerator. It’s a free, one month program suitable for solo builders or existing companies. We went through Zeitgeist ourselves last year and I would highly recommend any builders apply. View post

  • We launched a major new redesign of Backdrop, including reactions on posts, DMs, and more. We’d love your feedback/ideas! View post

  • Ben Turtel (founder @ Kazm) is doing some research on web2 membership / loyalty programs if you have experience with Patreon, paid newsletters etc View post

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Thanks for another great week last week!