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Onchain Summer Continued

Working with Base and others to support onchain builders in Build v5

It’s been incredible to see the energy around Onchain Summer in June. But summer is just getting started, and we’re working with Base and an amazing group of organizations to keep the energy flowing in July during Build v5

Over the past 4 programs, Build has welcomed thousands of builders, seen hundreds of projects launch and find traction (including 165 on Base!), and helped builders earn >$1M in grants of cash and credits. v5 is set to be our biggest and best program yet.

We're welcoming builders to continue making progress on their buildathon project or start something new. We have an incredible ecosystem of organizations providing grants and other opportunities for builders, including showcases throughout the rest of Onchain Summer.

Check out more details below, and apply by June 7th with your existing project or a new idea at

Support for Onchain Summer builders in v5

Base would love to see Onchain Summer projects continue to iterate and find traction. Grants are available for promising projects that are fun and innovative or help bring more users onchain. Read more about Building on Base in v5.

Bountycaster. There are over >$250k in open bounties on Bountycaster, including many that have been created specifically to support Onchain Summer projects in Build v5. Read more about Building on Bountycaster in v5.

Superfluid would love to find great builders from v5 to join the Superfluid Frontier Guild. If selected, they can work on high-impact ecosystem projects and get a continuous stream of funding. Read more about Building on Superfluid in v5.

Optimism will be watching out for v5 participants to apply to Retroactive Public Goods Funding (Retro Funding), a 850 million OP program that embodies a vision of collaboration and collective success. Read more about Building on Optimism in v5.

Arcana Arcana Auth provides global embedded wallets, allowing developers to offer non-custodial wallets to their users with a sub-3-second login, regardless of how they authenticate (email, social logins, or existing wallets). Read more about Building on Arcana in v5.

Ethereum Attestation Service is extending its Onchain Summer bounty of $10k ($2k/team for the top 5 teams) to the Build community. We're looking for the most impactful use case using attestations that align with the Onchain Summer buildathon. Read more about Building on EAS in v5.

Livepeer is a video infrastructure network for streaming and generative AI. We're looking for builders to create generative media applications on our new AI Subnet or integrate new models as AI pipelines on the network. $2k-15k grants available for projects that meet certain criteria. Read more about Building on Livepeer in v5.

Ceramic is dedicated to expanding the availability of decentralized data. We're seeking builders who want to leverage a decentralized data layer for their applications. We're giving $3,000 in cash for the best project built on Ceramic. Read more about Building on Ceramic in v5.

Neynar is a developer platform focused on integrating with Farcaster protocol (hosted hubs, read and write APIs, signer management and free sign-in for users, webhooks, sql playground, hosted databases and data pipelines, frame hosting and analytics). Read more about Building on Neynar in v5.

Textile Textile would love to see v5 projects build AI/ML workflows with Basin (object storage), and also create onchain datasets with Tableland (SQL database) and its newly added Base chain support. Read more about Building on Textile in v5.

Privy is the easiest way for devs to onboard users, regardless of whether they already have wallets. We power apps like Zora, OpenSea, Blackbird, Friendtech, and dYdX. v5 participants are eligible for dedicated support and thousands of dollars worth of Privy credits. Read more about Building on Privy in v5.

Piñata is a leader in Web3 infrastructure, providing developers fast and reliable uploads and retrievals to IPFS. Read more about Building on Piñata in v5.

Decent Decent's core offering is cross-chain swaps and 1-click cross-chain transactions. We help you reduce churn and increase transaction volume by enabling transactions in your app with any token across chains. Read more about Building on Decent in v5.

Cyber Cyber is a L2 designed specifically for social apps. Built on the OP Superchain, Cyber facilitates the creation of onchain apps that enrich social connections, strengthen community, and foster collaboration. $2k grants available for socialfi, infra, and unique projects. Read more about Building on Cyber in v5.

Blockscout Blockscout is an open-source block explorer, utilized by over 800 networks, rollups, L2s, and Layer 1 chains. It also includes the DAppscout marketplace, offering a secure platform for discovering, exploring, and interacting with decentralized apps. Read more about Building on Blockscout in v5.

Dynamic Dynamic is the builder’s solution to developing different types of multi-chain applications, especially those involving digital transactions, user accounts, and secure access. Promising projects built on Dynamic will receive $500 in cash each. Read more about Building on Dynamic in v5.

Questions about Build? Head to our FAQs or reach out at

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