Opportunities are starting to flow fast

Highlights from a big week on Backdrop, plus plans for EthDenver, better ways to find relevant opportunities, and more

Last week was the biggest yet and we're stoked to see so much activity on DMs and posts. There are officially many more opportunities than I can highlight here, so I definitely encourage a quick scroll of everything new.

We have some exciting stuff shipping soon to help people find relevant opportunities as the network grows, but ultimately we think the best way to match people with opportunities is not by building more and more features — our goal in building a sufficiently decentralized professional network is to enable other developers to build things we never imagined. We’ve started the long road to that place, and we’d love to jam with you on it whenever.

New opportunities in the network

  • Adam Levy (founder @ Bello) is looking for creators who want to get insights on their community of token holders, and can beta test their new release View Post

  • Interested in a slick multi-sig with group chat built in? If so, Andrew from Tribes.xyz are looking to jam View post

  • Want an excuse to go to Amsterdam in May? Alina is organizing ETHDam and looking for speakers / volunteers / partners View post

  • Bryan Altman (founder @ ChainVine) is looking for businesses or NFT projects that want to stand up a web3 native referral program in minutes View post

  • What are some under-the-radar experiments currently happening with ERC-20s and community contribution? Aleena from our team would love to know. View post

There are many more opportunities at backdrop.so/posts. Get my help in creating one here

Welcome new members

We invited 40 new members last week, thanks to a huge amount of awesome applications. Dan Wu (builder @ Metropolis), Harry (founder @ OwnCo), Sarah (product @ Layer3), Alex Zhang (mayor @ FWB), and many more. If you haven’t yet, try out people search on Backdrop to find your next collaborator — now that DMs are live, that’s a great way to connect.

Next week is going to be fun, especially if you’re headed to Denver. And as always, please refer me to any great builders you know that we should welcome on board.


P.S. we moved this email to Paragraph (built by one of our members Colin), which means anyone can subscribe and stay up to date with Backdrop even if they’re not a member yet. We’ll always prioritize people that have already connected with existing members, so feel free to send this to anyone that might want to join. I also wrote about why everything in Backdrop is visible to non-members here.

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