Seeking: a few awesome teams to work with us

A new multiplayer experiment dropping soon, our biggest week yet, and lots of new announcements and opportunities from Backdrop members

Last week on Backdrop was our biggest yet — at least 65 people connected over a post or DM. It’s still just a tiny fraction of the connections we hope we can facilitate in the future via the Open Work Graph, but thank you for continuing to show up and help us get there. There’s officially way too much for me to cover in this email.

Backdrop members are shipping

Need a reason to connect or collaborate with another member? Check out some of the things people have built over the past week. And if you’d like to include something of yours here next week, drop it in this post.

Looking for teams that want to build with us

Work is multiplayer, and we’re getting ready to roll out an initiative to route more connections and opportunities to some of the amazing teams we have on Backdrop. To do that we’re looking for 5-10 teams that are aligned to our mission and are interested in working side by side with us. I’m going to reach out to a few of you directly, but if your team is interested let me know here or DM me

Other highlights from last week

That’s my best effort to summarize the past week in this email — if you have any feedback or ideas on how I can make this more useful as we continue to grow, I’m all ears!


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