Some Demo Day alpha + new session this Friday

Never-before seen products from last demo day, Backdrop V3 is coming, founder insights, and more

Apologies, the link to the form to submit interest for a future demo day was incorrect. It's fixed now!

You may have noticed that we’ve been quieter than usual, and it isn’t even because we all decided to take Zakku up on his offer to rent out his awesome place in Costa Rica (although that is very tempting). We’ve been heads down focused on the next major iteration of Backdrop, V3, and we’re so excited to share our plans to focus and get way more of the magical connections we’ve seen so far. 

Demo day alpha

A week ago we had our first ever Demo Day and it was incredible. We witnessed the first-ever demos of QUESTS and Upside Coop and the latest updates from Coordinape. Most of all it just validated our assumption that helping builders hang out in more fun, authentic conversations is a great way to help magic happen — we even saw a new collaboration happen in real time! The vibez were exactly what builders need on a Friday to feel inspired to push through another week.

So we’re running it back! The next Demo Day is this Friday at 10am PST with Avenue and Sublayer — RSVP here! 

Below are some clips from the last one if you want to get inspired by some of the coolest products being built in this space at the moment. And if you’d like to participate in an upcoming demo day, please fill out this form.



Upside Coop

Calling all founders

Building something new in a frontier space like crypto is incredibly difficult, confusing, and often overwhelming. It has always been our mission to support the crazy people that choose to bring something bold and new to life, whether you’re the founder of a big company or just a side project. We have a few new things cooking up around that and I’d love to talk to you if you’d like to be involved.

On that note our good friends and partners at Seed Club just launched their new accelerator for consumer crypto founders. If you want the scoop or support in applying, please reach out. 


Please share this with anyone that might be relevant for the opportunities above! And if someone shared this newsletter with you and you aren't a Backdrop member yet, message me or apply to join.

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