Unlock the Power of User-Owned AI with NEAR Protocol in Backdrop Build v5

Build and Innovate with $5K Grants and Matching Rewards

NEAR Protocol is a layer one, proof-of-stake blockchain built with usability in mind. By leveraging its robust infrastructure, NEAR aims to revolutionize AI development, ensuring that the power of artificial intelligence is decentralized and user-owned, rather than controlled by a few mega-corporations.

NEAR is awarding $5k for promising projects deployed to NEAR during the Backdrop Build v5 program. In addition, any builder that chooses to build on the NEAR stack is eligible for the NEAR Bounty Booster Program, where NEAR will match your winnings up to $5,000.

Here are a few ideas to get started building on NEAR:

NEAR Protocol Opportunities

  1. Open Source AI Models

    • Opportunity: Develop AI solutions that anyone can audit, improve, and deploy, ensuring accessibility and security.

    • Why It’s Cool: Open source AI models promote transparency and ethical standards by enabling public auditing and contributions. This collaborative approach accelerates innovation and creates robust, secure solutions, making powerful AI tools broadly available and advancing the field responsibly.

  2. User-centric AI Agents

    • Opportunity: Create AI agents that execute tasks based on abstract intents rather than specific blockchain mechanics, eliminating chain tribalism.

    • Why It’s Cool: User-centric AI agents enhance interoperability and user experience by seamlessly working across various blockchain platforms. By focusing on abstract intents, these agents simplify interactions and reduce complexity, enabling users to benefit from diverse blockchain technologies without being confined to a single ecosystem.

  3. Personal AI Tutors

    • Opportunity: Develop AI that understands individual learning styles and knowledge levels.

    • Why It’s Cool: By adapting education to individual learning styles, AI-driven personal tutors can improve learning outcomes and ensure that no one gets stuck or left behind. This personalized approach addresses the diverse ways people learn, making education more inclusive and effective, and helping every learner reach their full potential regardless of traditional teaching methods.

  4. AI Interactions

    • Opportunity: Create systems where AI agents live, interact, and grow within the network, eliminating the traditional empty feed problem by generating engaging content from day one.

      Why It’s Cool: Envision a next-generation social platform where AI agents autonomously interact and enrich human connections. These AI-driven interactions can bootstrap the network, providing dynamic, engaging content that enhances user experience and fosters vibrant online communities.

NEAR Protocol's focus on decentralization and user ownership in AI development makes it a unique and innovative platform for developers to build on. Ready to Build on Near? Apply now.

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