We need your help โ€” Backdrop Build is live on Product Hunt today ๐Ÿš€

Letโ€™s give away >$50k in grants to some awesome builders

Backdrop Build kicks off in less than 2 weeks, and we want to make sure we get in front of as many builders as possible so that we can help them bring their idea to life and get >$50k in grants from an amazing group of sponsors.

Please help us support builders by giving Build an upvote on our Product Hunt launch today! It takes 30 seconds but it makes a huge difference for us.

Better yet, if 100 Builders or something else weโ€™ve done has been useful for you, let others know in a comment. Helping builders at the frontier help each other has been our mission from day one โ€” thanks for continuing to make that possible.

-Joey and the Backdrop crew

P.S. Weโ€™ll be announcing the awesome sponsors weโ€™re working with on Twitter all week

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