From Survey Bot to Social Research Tool: The Evolution of Ponder

In an era where meaningful user insights are invaluable, one platform is breaking new ground in how to get a pulse on a community. Meet Ponder, a Base native customer research platform, powered by surveys delivered on decentralized social. Originally starting as a survey tool in Backdrop’s inaugural Build program, Ponder has transcended its initial concept to become a comprehensive platform that provides real-time sentiment analysis for communities.

Ponder exemplifies the potential of the Build program for builders. Its journey from a Build v1 project to a celebrated platform in the crypto consumer app space illustrates the heights that can be achieved with the right mix of support, vision, and hard work. When we asked Ponder’s Co-founder, Colin Johnson, what was motivational about the Build program, he shared,

"The selflessness of the entire thing was inspiring. Just builders helping (and funding) builders. We want to continue spreading that sentiment with everyone building in the space, so we can raise the tide for all boats"

The platform's reach and impact are evident in its impressive metrics: since December 2023 they have gone from 1700 users to nearly 15,000 users, with over 2,000 weekly active participants and around 300 Ponder Pass holders–their community that earns PNDR tokens for survey answers.

The future looks bright for Ponder, with acceptance into the Seed Club accelerator program and plans to raise a proposer round in the coming months. This next chapter in Ponder's journey promises to bring more innovation, growth, and success as they continue to pave the way in decentralized customer research.

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