What do Jesse Pollak, Dan Romero, and Scott Detweiler have in common?

You’re invited to find out

Our Build V2 program kicked off last week, with close to 500 projects from around the world. It is insane to see all of the projects everyone is aiming to launch 🚀

Whether you’re in the program or not, we have some events next week that everyone in the Backdrop community is invited to attend. 

Workshop with the Stability team

Stability.ai is one of the hottest and most interesting companies in AI. They’re behind Stable Diffusion, the open source model leading the way in generative image. But what fewer people know is they have models specifically trained for code and audio as well. They’re also investing pretty heavily in crypto.

On Tuesday at 10am PST they are hosting a workshop for builders in the Backdrop community. Research scientist Nathan Cooper will be walking us through “LLMs for code and beyond” and Head of Quality Assurance Scott Detweiler will be presenting on “Using Comfy UI for Stable Diffusion XL.” RSVP here.

Fireside with Jesse Pollak, Dan Romero, and Rick Bhardwaj 

The Build week 2 fireside is going to be amazing. Jesse Pollak (creator of Base), Dan Romero (founder @ Farcaster), and Rick Bhardwaj (founder @ Guru.ai) and I will be jamming on “Finding early traction for frontier projects.” Going 0-1 in a rapidly changing environment requires some unique skills and mental models, and these three builders clearly know how to do it. RSVP here.

As always, happy building.

-Joey and the Backdrop team

P.S. if you're curious what people in the program are building, reach out

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