Where to build next

In crypto and AI

We have two events tomorrow that are part of Build V2 but open to everyone in the Backdrop community. Because you can never have enough inspiration for where to build at the frontier.

If you’re free, come hang and ask questions. Or just RSVP and we’ll send you the recording afterwards. 

Tomorrow, Tuesday at 9am PST - “Where to build next in AI”

With Justin Uberti (founder @ Fixie.ai) and Rohit Krishnan (investor, author of “Building God”). RSVP here.

Tomorrow, Tuesday at 10am PST - “Where to build next in crypto”

With Jackson Dahl (venture partner @ Paradigm), Soren Wrenn (founder @ Titles.xyz), and smac (partner @ Compound VC). RSVP here.

Cheers and happy building!


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