Where to build next in crypto

Plus a deep dive on building a business on open source

Building at the edges is… well…different. There are no well-trodden trails to follow, no polished frameworks, no static markets. But that’s why we love it, and we just released two new podcasts about navigating that beautiful mess. 

Where to build next in crypto

Riding the waves in crypto is more art than science, and we were lucky to chat with three founders who have a knack for doing that well: Jess Sloss of Seedclub, Patrick Rivera of The World’s Largest, and Hadrien Charlanes of Sismo.

The full episode is here and highlight clips in the thread below.

Building a business in open source

Open source is quickly becoming a defining strategy for many products that make a lot of money. But doing that well can be counterintuitive and sometimes scary, because it means giving away a lot of core value for free in order to capture it in other areas. 

If you want a pitch for why and how to do that, even from the very beginning, check out this convo with Joseph Jacks of OSS Capital and two founders of rocketship companies in his portfolio — Peer Richelsen of Cal.com, and Sascha Mojtahedi of Parallel.

Full episode here and highlights below.

Don’t let your idea be a “what if”

Speaking of building at the edges, there are less than 3 weeks until we kick of Backdrop Build V2. Lots more to announce soon, including the sponsors we will be working with, but we’re already reviewing applications so get yours in as soon as you can. backdropbuild.com

As always, happy building.


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