Bountycaster Request: Save to Readwise Farcaster Action

A common tool used to capture highlights and feed them into your PKM (personal knowledge management) system is Readwise.

One source of content that I frequently capture for my notes are Tweets, but X/Twitter doesn't have the concept of actions.

Instead, you have to send a DM to the @readwise account on X, and it syncs that tweet into your highlights.

Here is an example of a tweet that I captured using Readwise:

Once I send that DM to @readwise, Readwise automatically pushes that into my library of captures as a Tweet.

Everything else is then handled by Readwise or my note app (Obsidian).

I want to create a Farcaster action called "Save to Readwise", which will:

  1. authenticate a Readwise account (when necessary)

  2. pushes a cast and relevant info to the Readwise API

For reference, the Readwise API can be found here:

This is also meant to be educational for me, so as a second part of this request, I would want to spend 1-2 hours doing a bit of a deeper dive into the code with you to better understand the mechanics of Farcaster Actions and the overall ecosystem.

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