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Based Domain Strikes Base Network

Decentralizing the Internet


The internet has become an integral part of our daily lives, but its governance and infrastructure are largely controlled by centralized entities. This has led to concerns about censorship, surveillance, and a lack of inclusivity. Based Domain adopting The Punk Domain Protocol (PDP), an innovative approach that aims to address these issues by decentralizing the domain name system (DNS) and empowering users to have greater control over their online presence.

Advantages of Based Domain

1. Censorship Resistance

Since Based Domain is decentralized, it is less susceptible to censorship. Traditional domain registrars can be influenced by governments or other centralized authorities, leading to domain takedowns or restrictions. With Based Domain, control over domains is in the hands of the users, making it harder for any single entity to exert control.

2. Enhanced Privacy

With Based Domain, users have the option to remain pseudonymous or use privacy features provided by the blockchain. This can protect them from unwanted surveillance or tracking, providing a higher level of privacy than traditional domain registration methods.

3. Reduced Domain Squatting

Based Domain mitigates the problem of domain squatting, as it requires its users to show genuine interest in maintaining and using their acquired domains rather than merely reselling them at higher costs.

4. Empowerment of Individuals

Based Domain puts individuals in control of their online presence. They can easily transfer or sell their domain WEBSITE | DAILY AUCTION | PROP HOUSE | BASEDNAME | DISCORD | TWITTER | MIRROR | PARAGRAPHWEBSITE | DAILY AUCTION | PROP HOUSE | BASEDNAME | DISCORD | TWITTER | MIRROR | PARAGRAPHtokens, giving them the ability to truly own and manage their digital identity.

5. Referrals System

Based Domain also provides a referral system that incentivizes existing users to bring in new users, promoting growth and decentralization even further. Earn a 10% referral fee from new mints.

6. Competitive Pricing

Compared to traditional domain registration methods, Based Domain offers a more affordable and competitive pricing model, thus enabling wider access to domain ownership.

7. Unique

Based Domain enables a novel kind of domain ownership where each domain is treated as an NFT (Non-Fungible Token), making every domain unique and individually owned. Emoji format is one many supported by Based Domain.


Based Domain represents a significant step towards a more decentralized, inclusive, and user-controlled internet. By leveraging blockchain technology, Based Domain addresses many of the shortcomings of the current domain registration system. While it may face challenges in adoption and scalability, the potential benefits for online freedom and privacy are well worth the effort. As the internet continues to evolve, Based Doamin are paving the way for a more democratized digital landscape.


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