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Noun Bound Token

Based Dao Launches Community Soulbound Token on Base

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Masa Finance and the launch of their community Soulbound Token, the Noun-Bound Token on Base Network.

We aims to redefine the NFT landscape and community engagement. Built on Base and for Base, Based Nouns is a project with many components, we curated distinctive NFT PFP collection, a BASED DAO ecosystem, where the web3 community comes to life, and our native $NOUNS token will bring more value added to the ecosystem.

The Based Nouns PFP collection is a unique NFT series of distinctive pieces. Each NFT melds together iconic nouns style with a “base-blockchain” twist. Based Nouns hold cultural significance and evoke nostalgia, creating an immediate connection with collectors. The result is a captivating fusion of the familiar and the unconventional, appealing to a diverse audience.

BASED DAO will be a vibrant ecosystem of community integrations and decision making. Get ready for engaging in voting opportunities and daily NFT auctions that bring value and interaction to the core of the Base Nouns community. These interactions are made possible by the BASED DAO TOKEN, which facilitates access, participation, and governance, granting control to the community.

Based Nouns and Masa have teamed up to launch the Noun-Bound Token, a community SBT with real utility. Additionally, Noun-Bound Token holders will also be eligible for the future $NOUN token airdrop. The Noun-Bound token is designed to provide exclusive benefits and rewards to its holders.

Furthermore, Noun-Bound Token holder will be allocated 5% $NOUN Token from total supply

Based Nouns is committed to elevating the bar of what is possible for NFTs, DAOs and community ownership. We’re thrilled to put the Based Nouns SBT, the Noun-Bound Token, in the hands of their fast-growing community, so everyone has an easy way to be rewarded. This is the true spirit of the Base blockchain ecosystem.

Claim your Noun-Bound Token, an exclusive SBT badge which acts not only as your community badge, but also gives holders access to the Based Noun NFT whitelist and future airdrop. Join the Based Nouns Discord community, get verified, and you’ll be eligible to mint your Noun Bound SBT on Base mainnet.


To mint your Noun Bound Token, there is a small fee payable in BaseETH. This fee has been set in place to prevent bots and ensure the integrity of the minting process. Mint your Soulbound Token for the reasonable price of $1 per mint, in addition to Base blockchain gas fees.

Once you've claim your Noun Bound, go to our DISCORD to verified your role

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