The 1st post is always the hardest

That's why I'm going to jump right into the thick of things.

Ok, I got caught off guard a bit.

This was supposed to be a personal test post to play around with Paragraph's functionality a bit, but it seems like the Paragraph account on Farcaster is using an automated bot to post about new users and articles, and this test post just received a shout-out!

Farcaster Screenshot

I rushed to edit this page to give at least some more information about what I'll write about here.

I'll be using this as a personal blog to share my thoughts with the world and as a home for my "famous" TMZ CRYPTO issues, which I have been writing on Twitter for over a year.

I got permanently banned on Twitter earlier this year (without an explanation and no way to appeal the ban). I've tried several times but always received the same generic auto-reply, telling me that the ban is permanent and cannot be undone.

Interestingly enough, it got undone within 48 hours after I hired a German law company specialized in bringing back accounts that got banned for bullshit reasons.

I've worked really hard to grow my reach on Twitter, and this sudden ban came like a real gut punch and showed me how fragile my online presence was and that I was at the mercy of an anonymous company.

That's why I've decided to use Paragraph and Areweave going forward. So that Elon can't silence me with the click of a button.

I gotta run...more later. Thanks for reading. <3

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