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The Bat-Signal

Farcaster Art Signal report by J.Valeska

After permissionless, the Farcaster signal got lost, Bat-Signal is here to bring it to light again.

As the OG Bat-Signal is a symbol of hope in the darkness of Gotham, the Bat-Signal report aims to be an art signal in the darkness of the Farcaster city.

  • Do you know that in an special series called Batman: the long Halloween (1996), Catwoman used the Bat-Signal?

Blitkin Base

Blitkin Base is a cool experiment with onchain art made by a community of 17 artists inspired by the Blitmap art. Mixing acids and bases every minter will be allowed to get an unique artwork and minting experience. I spent some time there, it was so fun, and I ended up unleashing the GOAT.

First, you may start with an acid or a base.

Then, a random nft and the mixing machine will appear in front of you. Your mission is to mix acids and bases in order to get amazing combinations. (+100 nfts w/ +100 combinations). Will you find anyone of the cool animations or any pure nft like the ANON?

Anon, from the Watcher family.

Some of the artworks are descendants of previously minted collections, ordinals living on Ethereum, while others are Base native. I recommend you to explore the families to learn and enjoy all the original pieces. They are so cool.

Some Blitkin Base combinations.

Try the mixing machine and share your creations on Farcaster:

Zorbs Artzine

Zorbs is a curated gallery of Zorbs, created by Chris Carella within the ArtZine platform. An easy to go index of the latest and some of the most cool Zorbs ever seen on the Zora network. Chris Carella is a great artist, founder and member of ENERGY, Purple and other well-known daos. In this Zorbs gallery, you will find some cool artworks like:

J <> Rainbow Zorbs is a piece created by me, feel free to support the Bat-Signal by minting it.

Energy #47 is the first one Zorb saved from the burn by the Energy DAO.

Enjoy exploring the gallery and minting these and more memetic beautiful Zorbs like the previous ones on the ArtZine platform:

Halloween special: Demopepen

Not having enough of waking up the GOAT, I'm determined to send hordes of demons (or demos, in my native language, Galician) to turn up the heat tonight.

One Demopepen will be airdropped to every one who minted one of my previous artworks on Zora. The airdrop will take place at 00:00 Galiza time.

It is important for me to use the Galiza local time cause of Samhaim, also known as Halloween is a pagan celebration that originated in many celtic historical places, like Ireland, and Galiza. And, no one knows it. But, these origins are important for me as an anon kallaiko (greeks used to call us using this word, when you pronounce it on English sounds exactly the same as when a native galician pronounce it in Galician language, and it is also my artistic name, Kallaiko).

Inspired by Jack Butcher

This collection was inspired while watching this Jack Butcher's interview in the Zero Pod podcast by The Nouns Square collective:

Once accepted the call to action from Jack Butcher and having the sketches designed while watching the interview, I came back with this Demopepen collection and some quotes from the interview. Casted them on Farcaster, and no one minted them. Just read the quotes again and happily continue my journey. May or may not be notable, make more art!

Approved by Jack Butcher

One day, I got a great surprise, Jack Butcher liked Demopepen!

Jack Butcher likes Demopepen.

Check it on Warpcast:

Demopepen collection

While in normal conditions, the four Demopepens (#1-4) must be offered in sacrifice, on Halloween night the warps to the other side are completely open. Meaning that only one sacrifice is necessary to unleash the real Demopepen. Are you ready to free the beast?

Minting one Demopepen will qualify your address to get the real animated Demopepen #5 airdropped. Only on the Halloween night, starting now and ending the 2 October 2023, ofc, a very very long Halloween night)

The Art of Connection

The Art of Connection is an special artwork made in collaboration with the farcaster poet Arjan Tupan. He usually sweetens farcaster's prose with his verses and this time he did it with one of my endless loops. It was a pleasure to work with him, with no pressure, only good vibes and art.

While a full description on the meaning of this piece can be found in the nft description, I want to point here the four phases of the Co Creation that can be observed in animation:

  • Joining the network.

    • A few scattered static nodes. (new on farcaster)

  • Discovering other nodes.

    • Nodes start moving and size increased. (interaction started)

  • Art connection.

    • Nodes connect and start growing together. (contact trough art)

  • Community Creation.

    • Grown nodes moving faster. (creating together)

About the Bat-Signal

This is the first one Bat-Signal report, this time included several updates about some of my artworks, but the next ones will be focused on the more relevant artworks found on Farcaster. While there are some cool artists out there, the Bat-Signal will primarily focus on native Farcaster art signals. If you want to contribute to this project, feel free to reach me out in Farcaster.

Happy Halloween!

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