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Feb 2024 Patron Update

Beta Testing, ETH Denver, and a Rebrand

February was a big month for bCard! We got our first real transactions running through our system thanks to our alpha and beta testers, committed to a rebrand, and will be making targeted connections at ETH Denver.

Regarding the rebrand, Bankless Card will be known as bCard going forward. While we love the Bankless brand, recent events have made it impossible for us to use. On the upside, this move will reduce our compliance burden, allowing us to expand to new countries more easily.


We're currently in beta testing, with US-based users using bCard for online and in-person purchases. Our goal for the next month will be to move from beta to a general release.

  • 💰 Transaction Volume: Users have collectively loaded $455 onto their cards and spent $166.

  • 😁 Alpha Phase complete: our 5 alpha testers have helped us refine our card issuing, loading, and spending while refining our UX scores from 2/10 -> 8/10.

  • 😐 Beta Phase started: we plan to get 50 users onboarded in the next month and release our reward claim functionality, allowing users to claim BANK and NOGS on a monthly basis.

  • 👥 New community offering: working with our card-issuing provider, we've figured out a way to allow communities of ANY SIZE to release a card with us for no upfront cost.

  • 💳 Digital cards: we're currently in a queue to enable our cards for tokenization - that is, inclusion in Apple and Google Wallet. This will reduce friction at point of sale for users.

  • ğŸŽ¨ Rebrand: we've changed our app URLs, emails, and physical card assets to our new brand. Next up will be our website and socials.


  • links and NFThinker will be at ETH Denver - if you're there, reach out! We'll have something interesting to chat about.

  • If you know communities with a large US-based membership, connect them with NFThinker

  • If you're based in the US and want to beta test the product, reach out to links.

These are humble beginnings - we've made about $0.16 in revenue thus far. That being said, being able to make ANY revenue on card transactions is a huge step. Now that we have a revenue model in place, we can focus on development and distribution to make number go up!

— links, Bankless Card Champion

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