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Bankless Card Patrons

Jan 2024 Patron Update

2024 is the year of Bankless Card

Happy 2024 Bankless Card Patrons!

Now that we are nearing launch, we want to keep a tighter loop with our patrons. This is the first of a monthly email you will receive to keep you updated on the state of Bankless Card.

We made rapid progress in 2023, committing to getting a proof-of-concept launch before the end of the year. We came up a bit short due to issues with our card-issuing vendor. Those issues should be smoothed out this week, allowing us to soft-launch shortly, with a public launch expected in February.


Our main focus is getting our proof-of-concept product launched. Bankless Card will be available for residents of the USA, allowing users to: sign up and choose a community (BanklessDAO or Nouns DAO), receive a community-branded digital/physical card (note: this doesn't include Apple Pay/Google Pay which we expect to release post-launch), load money onto the card via ACH transfer, and receive BANK and NOGS token in exchange for their spending.

To that end, we have achieved the following:

  • 💰 Fundraising: Raised $21K from 16 patrons and qualified for ~21K OP from Optimism RetroPGF

  • 💳 Compliance: Can legally issue payment cards in the USA

  • ğŸ˜Ž Partnerships: Partnered w/ Nouns DAO for reach (we were mentioned in Nouns Proposal 473 and have co-brand campaigns ready for launch)

  • 📱 Product: Proof-of-concept 79% complete, with remainder expected to be completed this month

  • 💰 Revenue: Negotiated to get interchange revenue share from the first dollar

    • Revenue share increases as total spend on all cards increases


  • We're still looking for quality early patrons - if you know anyone with whom you want to build a next-generation organization please connect them with links or NF Thinker.

  • Post-launch we will be gearing up for a seed funding round. If you want to be involved or know potential investors who would be interested, reach out to links or NF Thinker.

  • If you know communities with >500 members (with large US-based membership) who would be interested in joining our next wave, connect with NF Thinker.

  • If you're based in the US and want to beta test the product, reach out to links.

To the Bankless Card contributors, the moment when our product is in the hands of users is the STARTING LINE. We're very close to the starting line, and it's due in no small part to the support of our patrons (you!). Thank you, we're excited to be on this journey with you!

— links, Bankless Card Champion

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