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Bankless Card Patrons

May 2024 Patron Update

Public Beta and Nouns Launch

Our April private beta made way for our public beta launch in May! We now have users in two communities (BanklessDAO and Nouns DAO) using BCard in the US.

We also shored up our Rewards flow in the past few weeks, claimed 19K OP for our RetroPGF grant, and earned ~$1.5K USD in Gitcoin 20.

This month we will be concentrating on our community deployments - working through go-to-market with Nouns DAO while adding a new community (Origin Network). links was at Farcon early May, and Farcaster-based communities are extremely interested in getting on BCard. By making it easier to add and market communities, we're hoping to ramp up to 25 communities by the end of the year.


  • 💰 Transaction Volume: 56 users have collectively loaded $5857 onto their cards and spent $3786

  • 📢 Public Beta: BCard is now available to any US resident.

  • 🪙 Rewards flow: Refactored and updated the rewards flow. User testing is next.

  • 👥 Community Funnel: Our next community will be Origin Network (OETH on Arbitrum), and expect to onboard a Farcaster-based community next.

  • 🏦 Grants: OP RetroPGF now claimed, Gitcoin next. 10M NOGS also claimed.


  • If you know a US-based business on-ramping service, we'd love an intro!

  • If you are part of a community with a US membership that wants to distribute tokens, unlock passive revenue, or proliferate brand, have them fill in our Community Intake Form.

Public beta is a milestone, but BCard is only as interesting as the communities with which we partner. Accordingly, we will spend most of our energy over the coming weeks launching and becoming essential to web3 communities.

— links, Bankless Card Champion

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