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3 Romantic J-Dramas You Must Watch!

Sharing three of my favorite Japanese love dramas (I have more, but I'll save those for another time! 😊)

In today’s newsletter, I’d like to share my love for J-dramas. As a big fan of comedy and romantic dramas, I thought it would be fun to share some interesting stories you can find on Netflix.

One of my favorites is First Love. This Netflix series is inspired by Hikaru Utada's iconic songs "First Love" and "Hatsukoi," and stars Hikari Mitsushima and Takeru Sato. Released in November 2022, it quickly became a hot topic, renowned for being "so sad that it will bring tears to your eyes." First Love begins with Hikari Mitsushima's narration. Set in Hokkaido in the late 1990s, it tells the story of high school students Yae and Harumichi, who fall in love for the first time and eventually become lovers. However, due to misfortune, they go their separate ways. About 20 years later, they miraculously meet again, but Yae’s first words are, "Nice to meet you."

There’s a sense of something missing between the two adults, as if a crucial piece of their past has vanished. The storyline unfolds like a puzzle through flashback scenes, making it a captivating watch.If you’re looking for a touching and nostalgic drama, First Love is definitely worth watching. Enjoy the heartfelt journey and let the beautiful story and music transport you back to your own cherished memories.

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One of my favorites is Let's Divorce. This comedy series stars Riisa Naka as a popular actress and Tori Matsuzaka as a newly elected member of parliament, who are determined to get a divorce. By the way, I'm a big fan of Tori Matsuzaka! Just look at himmmmm, I just adore him.

The story: Taishi Tokairin, a third-generation lawmaker, is celebrating his fifth year of marriage to Yui Kurosawa, who holds the title of "No. 1 actress I want to marry." Known to the world as a lovey-dovey couple, their marriage reaches a breaking point when Taishi's affair comes to light. However, Yui, who has marketed herself as the perfect wife, cannot afford a public breakup due to her ambition and popularity. Despite their desire to separate, they remain together because of the political and social pressures surrounding them. As the House of Representatives disbands, they begin to pursue their divorce in earnest.

The theme of this series is "divorce," but the couple faces various obstacles along the way. In overcoming these challenges, they start to discover what was truly missing in their relationship. The ability to turn such a deep theme into a humorous story makes this series truly unique.

The third one, which I absolutely love and have watched twice, is An Incurable Case of Love ( 恋はつづくよどこまでも: Koi wa Tsuzuku yo Doko made mo). This Japanese manga series, written and illustrated by Maki Enjōji, was serialized in Shogakukan's Petit Comic magazine from June 2016 to January 2019 and published in seven volumes. A live-action television drama adaptation aired from January to March 2020.

The story follows Nanase Sakura, who meets and falls in love with a doctor. Inspired by this encounter, she studies hard and becomes a nurse, hoping to meet him again. When she finally reunites with him after five years, she discovers he is completely different from what she had imagined. Despite this, Nanase continues to express her feelings honestly to Tendō. Her genuine efforts and dedication to her work eventually melt Tendō's heart.

If you’re looking for a heartwarming and inspiring drama, An Incurable Case of Love is definitely worth watching.

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