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A little bit about me :)


Here is a little bit about me - I'm a young woman who has been living in Japan for the past six years. Originally hailing from my beautiful Albania in Europe, my journey has taken me from academic Oxford to the bustling streets of Boston and the sun-kissed beaches of Miami. Yet, in the end, I chose Tokyo as the city where my heart finds its home.

My odyssey in Japan commenced with a humble position at a small food and media company in the heart of Shibuya. In this role, I wore many hats from creative design, content, video scripts and more. And oh, did I mention the best part of this job? An opportunity to savor Michelin-starred dishes, for FREE lol. Now, I balance my life between fintech and karate.

My wanderlust and insatiable curiosity have led me on a quest to explore new realms, to stay ever flexible and open to the wonders of the world. Here, within these digital pages, I'll unveil secrets and marvels of Japan but not only, secrets that might have remained hidden in the recesses of your imagination.

Thank you for reading this letter.



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