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I've been a busy beaver lately. By busy, I think it stands to reason that everyone right now "feels busy". However, I am willing to bet you feel "more busy" now than you felt before since the effort required to do small things is often magnified by about a "Googleplex". (Yeah, you know who you are).

One thing I have done is put together a little workshop for my book How To Do Nothing Well: A Guide to Meditating Actively --Third Edition. It's been fun as I have not really done any "serious video editing" in over ten years. Time flies when you are not exactly having optimal fun. This is a good thing, so you can hopefully get around to having more time to have optimal fun.

For those of you who haven't been following my "spiel", well, you can buy my meditation book at this link: If you are singularly poor, you can read it online for free:

Now, you can also go to the workshop located here:

You will have to sign up for the platform, and then I will have to approve you and then you should be off to the races! If you can think of someone else that you believe might be someone who would be interested in the book, or the workshop, then maybe get in touch with me and let me know!

I want you each to understand something. There are many forces at work that would be very pleased for me to not present this opportunity to you. As many of you know, we have all ready had rounds with those kinds of elements:

Though that document makes it look like a singularly Jewish issue, the reality is that anything spiritual--Christian, Buddhist, Taoist, or otherwise that is not serving evil is experiencing having excuses made up so that it can be attacked and silenced.

I refuse to be silenced in part because I believe something. I believe that though the forces of evil have arrayed in many ways before, in many times, and many places, they have always been defeated. I believe that this book gives people a fighting chance against these influences, and I believe that when unified in a spirit of respect, value, and agape love, that Satan's time is all ready up.

To quote Morpheus from the second Matrix movie, I also believe something else, "We are still here!" after thousands of years of massacres and genocides and attempted silencing, evil loses. What does it say for the holocausted Cathars, Native Americans, and Jewish people who are slain that have suffered in unimaginable ways that they are still here, still staring right back into the faces of the perpetrators of the crime? It tells me one thing, we are stronger than them--more determined. More sure of our convictions. They have tried to rid the world of us more than once, and they have never, not once, succeeded. You know why? Because they are weak and self-involved and self-interested.

So, if you skipped out on "meditation school" or you haven't really been practicing it lately, take this as a "clarion wake up call". Get your spiritual warrior gear on, soldier. Stop sitting around in the trenches being afraid to fire your "prayer gun" and to take action along with the front. After all, this isn't my war or your war. Its ours.

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