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Twitter (X) Points Farming vs Degen Tipping On Farcaster

I kept thinking, what bothers me on points farming when I tip $degen everyday

Degentleman is not a points farmer (or is he?)

First, you should know that I always hated the type of attention/points farming for future airdrops or whitelists that was happening on X during 2021/22.

It seemed like very dumb way to spend your time. Grinding for whitelists or other perks. It may be my silly feeling that work should be fun and also should be done with people you enjoy being around, plus from whom you can learn something. Whitelist grinding seemed very counter to these ideas. After all we only have one life!

Let me say that I'm well aware of many great deals I missed. But it was a conscious choice - kind of like when you decide to not accept an offer from a "great" company when you know you'd have a bad boss or dumb work.

The second reason why I hated it was that it felt like the same thing that Facebook's and other algorithms do to us—they attention-farm us!

I’m not a radical purist, but I do understand and value attention—we all need it, and we all have limited amounts of it.

Simply put, to farm points feels cheap—like I am literally “selling” the attention of those folks who decided to follow me. I want to believe that they followed me because they think I’m funny ( probably not) or I write interesting stuff or create nice colorful images. Whatever their reasons, they were certainly not thinking about the endless stream of farming news/quotes with strange names dumped on them. A new game here, a cool portal there, another game here, or liquidity mining with extra incentives, or another failed project bought by someone needing attention there...and the list goes on and never stops.

It may not be super obvious how is $DEGEN on Farcaster different from attention farming on X, but the biggest difference is that degen lets you give rather than take and you don't directly support Degen project, but you support your favorite artist, creator or writer! And yeah, that's the major difference.

Degen lets you give rather than take and you support your favorite artist, creator or writer!

It may seem small at first, but just read it again and think about it! We all like to give because it makes others feel good. And we all want to make others feel good, especially when we can do it repeatedly and enjoy the process. It’s the process through which we find new friends, discover new artists, and also learn something new …who would not want that!

Well, and I believe that’s why $degen has won where others have lost. Because degen lets you give rather than take. And it’s a big big difference! Apparently not only for me but most of us

Going higher ↑↑↑ together!

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