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Era of Limited Distribution and Unlimited Innovation

DISTRIBUTION starts to matter more than anything else

When I say that in the era of unlimited innovation, distribution is not everything, it's actually THE ONLY THING! I'm sure many of you think I'm crazy. I'm telling you, builders and innovators, that DISTRIBUTION matters more than anything else Whaaat?

Sure, it's not black and white, but the trend has been here for quite some time and is undeniable. Distribution is becoming bigger and bigger deal for every new product and service. I still believe you need both - Innovation and Distribution - for your project to succeed (and I write about it here: You only need to figure out two things), but in the age of "AI-brain power abundance," importance is shifting.

I don't want to say if it's good or bad. It's just a trend that's happening. Let's look briefly at simplified history;

How it started

In the early days of the pre-Industrial Revolution, creating an awesome (maybe good enough) product was enough, and word of mouth and natural limitations to production capacity (one skilled human or family) did all the necessary distribution work.

Then jump forward - during the Industrial Revolution, production capacity grew, and the mass media arrived. Companies leaned into the idea of "Let's get the word out there." It helped people find out about new things en masse. Distribution and production capacities improved, so when more people found out about something and wanted it, we could mostly make it and deliver it.

Skip forward again - now we have entered the era of unlimited production capabilities think tokens emissions, not computer chips . That's especially true for digital goods and services which make up larger and larger part of our lives. We as humans are not playing on our natural turf.

We are moving into the world of free and (soon even) on-demand generated content of all types (video, photo, art, audio, text). World of one-click token or whole chain launches. World where you can spin a new app or dApp by describing it in words to your AI assistant.

Era of limited distribution and unlimited innovation.

That's the world of abundant-everything, where the attention is the only limited resource. That's the moment when pendulum is swinging even deeper onto distribution side of things. If you don't have attention and voice someone is willing to listen to - you don't have a distribution channel.

Such an attention-commanding voice can be an AI niche influencer or a community of humans interested and excited about the same things and about each other. Humans like humans - we need to make sure it stays this way

We as humans are not playing on our natural turf any more. For the longest time we have optimized for "more" - more shops, more units sold, more eyeballs, more followers but what if we now have to reverse the game so we could win?

human & machine - we need to learn new tricks

I know it was very simplistic trip through time but it was only to make a point and hopefully by now you see why I think communities can be a secret weapon for your distribution!

They can be also not-so-secret tool for human contact survival! Hence, let's build communities together!

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