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can be your colorful refuge when skies are grey

I have teased my intention to create a weekly for quite some time. I do create art almost all the time, but I wanted to get a sense of the style that could become the NFTs series before minting.

What a surprise! I have found my style and interests are changing. And that means styles and topics will be changing as well. One thing remains constant - it will be colorful!

This is the first chance in 2024 to own your share of history from my weekly colorful art pieces — the resolution is 16MP (4096x4096) to look good on larger screens or smaller prints.


Mint on Zora for 0.003 ETH Please share your mint on X and/or Farcaster so I can give you a proper shoutout and we can connect.

I hope we'll stay connected and will lift each other up on this long journey to NFTs mainstream adoption.

BFG (aka BrightFutureGuy)
- on X:
- on Farcaster -

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