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Never Stop Repeating Your Vision

Repeat your vision and why you are after it at every occasion that you get.

Repeat Your Product Vision At Any Chance You Get

It's on them

Let me bring up another underrated leadership skill. It's an underutilized superpower that, if used properly, can eliminate a lot of issues down the road as you build your business or project.

It's natural; we all get tired of repeating the same thing over and over. When I started managing larger groups of people (started with 1 -> 5 -> 15 -> 40 -> 100 -> 150 and then it just becomes a number) on projects and then with my own companies, I felt and thought what many founders think;

I've said it enough times. Everyone needs to get it by now and if they don't, well, it's on them. They should have listened 😤

I didn't want to look stupid for repeating "the obvious," so I basically assumed that I and what I was saying were the most important things happening in people's lives at that moment or even that day.

It's On You

When I describe it this way, I hope it's evident to everyone that that's not how the world works. No matter who you are, you are not the most important thing happening in anyone else's life, just your own.

Not only that, you may be delivering the same message, or so it seems to you, but most people will be receiving it in a very different context. They'll take home different thing when they hear it for the first time than when they hear it for the third time, and totally different when they've got involved with the thing in the meantime.

You see, communication is all about context. Getting everyone on the same page, so they want the same results, and walk in the same direction, that takes time and repetition. But if you can pull that off, then you can build stuff of legends.

Know that there're always crowds of people who have yet to hear what you're trying to achieve and why. And you have a chance to tell them - for the 1st time! And to those who have heard it before, you won't look stupid, not at all. For them, it will confirm that the goals and whys are still the same, and maybe they'll make a new distinction or note for themselves.

It may be 110th time for you, but it makes sense to repeat it again. It is almost like a variation of always be pitching and always be hiring! Always be repeating your vision and why is it important to you and to those who listen.

Now, it's after Farcon, you're motivated and high in spirit -> so go and tell them about your vision, tiger! 😀

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