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What's happening here?

Name changes and handle changes that only BFG can handle.

Things Start Happening Here

I know, I know, it has been a while since I wrote the first Hello World and then nothing! I started thinking about regular writing here almost a year ago.

  • I wanted to use my startup and corporate experience from building products and businesses to highlight some mistakes I made in the past that I see others repeating here in our Web3 space.

  • I also wanted to highlight builders of cool blockchain-based solutions because it seemed to me we were drowning in $hitcoin spam, and real non-DeFi solutions were being overlooked.

Back then, life took precedence, and I was swamped with work, moving to a new country, family, and the chaotic restart of my podcasting journey. But ...

I am here today, looking at all writing drafts and explaining myself to those few who stayed subscribed. Here's the promise: this BFG space on Paragraph is going to lighten up 🔥 now! 😃

On Web3 Magic podcast topic

I have separated BFG (this newsletter) from the Web3 Magic podcast, which newwsletter lives here: (go subscribe!), and it is awesome! 😉 It allows you to mint the episode's posts, audio, and cover art. In case you didn't notice, I do create unique art for every episode based on the guest's project focus and story. So it's usually pretty cool!

If you like the episode guest and the art, or you just want to support me - you can now do it in a fully Web3-compatible way -> just go and mint what you like!

OG Subscriber Perk

That's enough for now; if you've read so far, You are an OG subscriber, and I have a gift for you! If you wish to, please mint this unique NFT as a token of my appreciation for your patience. It's kind of a genesis token for my web3 journey and if you will follow, you will understand soon.

This NFT is minted on the Zora chain - which I will use for all my mints now because I believe all NFTs belong to L2s (or up) and because I like the Ethereum stack. When you mint, don't forget to show it on Twitter (X) or Farcaster and tag me (or add #BuildBetter tag for future referencing)! Would love to thank you publicly!

I hope to see you around, if you like - bring your friends - and let's support each other!

BFG (aka BrightFutureGuy)
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