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What is Bittrees Research

Bittrees Research is an organization that is committed to promoting research in emerging technologies, systems innovation, and related fields, with a primary focus on creating new knowledge, tools, and systems that contribute to the development of a more equitable and sustainable world. The organization conducts research on a wide range of topics and aims to generate insights that can inform policy, strategy, and decision-making processes, helping to advance society towards a better future.

One of the core principles of Bittrees Research is the recognition of historical and contextual relevance, which is a vital component of understanding past successes and failures in order to develop effective solutions for a more just and equitable society. The organization believes that technology and innovation have the potential to create significant positive impact, and as such, they prioritize research that can contribute to achieving this goal.

Bittrees Research also provides a platform for engagement and collaboration among individuals, businesses, and organizations that share the same vision of creating a better world through emerging technologies and systems innovation. By joining the conversation, individuals can contribute to the development of solutions that have the potential to change the world for the better.


Bittrees Research is a members driven organization open to any person. If you want to join Bittrees Research you will need to make a minimum donation of 0.025 ETH. All memberships are subject to an expiration 360 days from the date of mint. See below:

Members receive access to token gated services granted through the 'member services' button located on the Landing Page.

Purpose Driven

At the core of Bittrees Research's mission is a human-centric, purpose-driven approach. The organization seeks to fund public goods, which are goods that benefit society as a whole, rather than private goods that only benefit a specific individual or group. By focusing on public goods, Bittrees Research aims to create positive impact for humankind and advance the greater good.

Overall, Bittrees Research is driven by a deep commitment to making the world a better place through cutting-edge research, innovation, and a focus on public goods.