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Onchain Launch Week Recap + Upcoming Releases

We'd like to extend a warm welcome to the 300+ followers who've joined us on /slowcore-hq, the new Farcaster channel for Black Stone Sanctuary. We appreciate all the contributions of warps and $DEGEN tips for our onchain bootstrapping purposes. Special thanks to @edit for helping us get the word out.

Thank you, everyone, for your kindness.

If you're just joining us, the Sanctuary is a Pagan polytheist monastery-bootstrapping project by Danica Swanson and Trish Deneen. Our work is inspired by animist pre-Christian Nordic and Germanic religious and folk traditions. We're bringing elements of this work onchain.

If you missed any of our five new releases (text + visual art + video) from onchain launch week (April 8-15, 2024), you can always find and mint them through our Zora collection page. Here's the full list:

1. Welcome to Black Stone Sanctuary

Our main page. Includes an intro to who we are and what we do, highlights from our 13-year history, and info from our Scriptorium on our publishing plans.

2. Slowcore and the Inner Genius

Intro to Danica's Thinkspace (blog).

3. Came for a Goddess, Stayed For the Darkness

Intro to Trish's Corner (blog).

4. Pagan Nuns of the Imaginal Realm

Danica's art. Also featured on our welcome page.

5. Zorbish Meditation #1

A 25-minute slowcore meditation video made for the Sanctuary by Trish. Zorbish visuals and a "snowy" background, set to drone music. No spoken words.

Here's a sampling from what we've got in the pipeline for 2024, if all continues to go well. We'll be releasing a mix of new material and updated versions of reader favorites from our archives.

6. Blog Posts + Essays

  • Non-Coercion as Wealth

  • What is Sacred Endarkenment?

  • Contemplative Animism and Non-Contrivance: Exploring the Sanctuary's Monastic Rule

  • The Contemplative Practice of Accepting Limits

  • Why Do Polytheists and Animists Need Monasteries?

  • Advice for Aspiring Monastics in the Modern Polytheist Revival

  • On Religious Place-Making and the Sacristan Role

  • Episcopagan: Why This Polytheist Attended an Episcopal Church

  • Dark Spaces of Wisdom: Creating Polytheist Spaces for Grief and Mourning

  • Drinking the Tears of the Earth: Lamentation Dance for Ecological and Ancestral Grief

  • Cave Dwellers Unite

7. Prayers + Devotionals

  • Prayer: In Praise of Holy Darkness

  • Prayer to Fulla

  • Hail, the Unsorrowing: Welcoming Nótt

8. Outreach + Place-Making

  • Guide to Hosting Dark Moon Incubation Retreats

  • Online Resources for Polytheist-Animist Monastics

  • Liturgical Development at the Sanctuary

  • Zorbish Place-Making

9. Books + Music + Audio/Video

  • Guided Meditations by Trish

  • Incubation Reading Room

  • Quotes from the Collective Ink Books anthology Polytheistic Monasticism: Voices From Pagan Cloisters

  • Incubation Listening Room (themed playlists from our Chthonic Cathedral Project)

  • Scandinavian Heritage: An Interview with Ulf Söderberg

  • Uneasy Listening: Dark Ambient Music Appreciation for Pagans

We cultivate a slow-paced, restorative, restful atmosphere, and prioritize depth over breadth. Our motto is: "only a mile wide, but a thousand miles deep."

We invite you to explore, read, and reflect at your own pace.

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