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Chris Voss Exclusive Business Development Secrets Exposed

Chris Voss exposes what he left out of Never Split The Difference

Chris Voss left us speechless.

In a private presentation, he revealed his most effective negotiation strategies to date.

Ones so powerful he couldn’t share them in Never Split The Difference...

And he’s never uttered a word of them publicly.

He methodically broke these down for a group of 15 business people who invested $100,000 to be in the room.

“Speechless” is the most unlikely response for a group as seasoned as this.

Yet there we were, speechless.

We’re considering making this IP available to a limited number of people (no more than 1,000 in the world) who are ready to use it and win.

This training includes:

  • Why your business is missing 50% or more in lost revenue year over year (and you wouldn’t even know it). Plus: why this is true for physical product, information, and service-based businesses.

  • Exactly what to do to earn 10-30% more on every single deal you make from now on.

  • How to use Chris’s most powerful fill-in-the-blanks negotiation power phrases in all key business areas: contract deals, employee/employer relations, client dealings, and more.

  • The 4 proven steps to rapidly generate significantly more revenue (think 2-5x) in your business dealings, and feel unshakable confidence in your negotiation skills.

And so much more that to write even 100 bullet points teasing it would still be to undersell it.

It’s as close as you can get to having Chris Voss do your negotiations for you.

That’s why, for the right business person, the returns on investing in this IP can be seen on day 1, and will compound for a lifetime.

If business development, negotiating deals, hiring, or leading teams are important parts of your business, then staying ignorant to what’s inside this unprecedented IP would be extremely costly.


Because you’re likely missing out on 10-30% more revenue per each deal you make right now.

And you’re paying 10-30% more than you need to on nearly all of your contracts right now.

These are hidden-in-plain-sight opportunities you can capitalize on right away.

It will be a five-figure investment to access this IP.

For individuals who make meaningful deals in their businesses, the returns on their investment will be large and rapid.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on this highly-guarded material subscribe below to let us know

Only those who sign up will receive further communications about this.

You can feel very excited about what’s about to come.

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