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Use Coinvise to create token-powered Paragraph newsletters

We're excited to announce an integration between Paragraph & Coinvise.

Coinvise provides powerful tooling for creators to build & operate tokenized communities. Coinvise lets anyone create NFT memberships and kickstart community growth by providing their token-holders with gated access, special privileges, and members-only experiences.

We're excited to partner with Coinvise to empower creators with another NFT membership benefit - token-gated newsletters on Paragraph.

Coinvise Plugins

Coinvise provides a handful of plugins that allow you to provide different benefits to your Coinvise membership NFTs, including token-gated discords and automated airdrops.

Starting today, you'll see a new Newsletter plugin. You'll now be able to use your membership NFTs to create a token-gated newsletter on Paragraph - with your token & publication name already setup and pre-configured on Paragraph.

This makes it even easier for creators to provide utility to their NFTs, and kickstart community growth in an even more meaningful way while owning the direct relationship with their audience.

Paragraph Link

The technology powering this integration is Paragraph Link, a new way for third party developers - such as Coinvise - to permissionlessly provide their users with token-powered newsletters.

Coinvise directs their users to connect their wallets to Paragraph Link, and they'll be logged-in and ready to use Paragraph immediately, with their publication (including any tokens for gating) already setup.

We're also excited to partner with in a similar integration.

Interested in kickstarting your community on Coinvise or Paragraph? Get started today!

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