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Adding Support for Custom Domains

We’re pleased to announce support for custom domains!

Custom domains are important for both SEO and branding, and are a necessity for serious bloggers looking to really make their blog their own. Rather than accessing your blog at<YourUsername>, you and your readers can access it at or even directly!

For a one-time fee of $50, you can unlock the ability to use custom domains for your Papyrus blog.

How do custom domains on Papyrus work?

You need to already own a custom domain in order to use it with Papyrus. There are plenty of domain name registrars you can use to buy custom domains directly, such as Google Domains.

After you have a domain name in your possession, we charge a $50 one-time fee that unlocks custom domains permanently for your account. This means that you can add or remove custom domains, as many times as you’d like, on your blog. In other words, the purchase is tied to your blog, not to any specific custom domain.

You can use subdomains, such as; or top level domains, such as (or switch between them and decide which you prefer!)

Setting up a custom domain

In your Papyrus blog settings, get started by purchasing the custom domain feature via Stripe checkout.

Then, add your domain to your Papyrus account, and you’ll be instructed to update your DNS settings. The exact steps here vary depending on your domain name provider.

If you’re adding a subdomain, such as, you’ll need to update your DNS settings as follows:

DNS TypeDNS NameDNS ValueCNAMEblog (or, whatever subdomain you add)

If you’re adding an apex domain, such as, you’ll need to update your DNS settings as follows:

DNS TypeDNS NameDNS ValueA@

After that, it may take some time to propagate, but when it does your blog settings will show that it’s verified!

What happens to your old blog URL?

After you add a custom domain, we set up a permanent redirect from your old URL to your custom domain. This means your SEO shouldn’t be affected - the next time your web page is crawled, the bots will follow the redirect and crawl your domain.

Any other questions?

Not to worry - just shoot us an email at and we’ll be happy to help.

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